Reviews for "K.O.L.M. 2"


Mother's a bitch xD
I love the game.

The game was so interesting

But i wasn´t expecting about that ending, although it´s a good strategy to make the people want to play the next episode. So make the third version as fast as you can, i´m very exited to play the next episode.

Exelent work, man!

I'm completely stuck

Great game! but i got stuck. good work.

Great, sort of short.

This game is amazing, but if it were as lengthy as the first it would be perfect. I also don't like how that character switching works. The controls are kind of funky. The ending is sad though.

im with kozbad on this on, my fucking god the backround is just creep...
it's a fucking face looking at you and twisting its head sometimes, and I know it's not my reflection i mean just go between gates (or doors) and you'll see a fucking face
but other than that great game allways loved this game and allways will. and hope you get #1 game!