Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

blind spelunking

so yeah I wish I could play this game but a visual glitch made that impossible, whenever the screen shook everything turned black, I think it's because the screen went too high or too low and it stayed black for a long time at one point making me run into a spike because I didn't see it.

a shame, I really wanted to get that armor of invincibility too.


more annoying than fun.


What the hell? What the fuck compelled you to make that cave so fast. I didn't even trip once, but somehow the rocks still caught up. Your only way to get any further is to just press down repeatedly, and even then the cave-in is STILL faster than you! You didn't even explain what the achievements were for, so I ended upp having a whole bunch of medals I had no idea how I got in the first place. This game was hardly entertaining to me at all, and any points I would have gave you are taken away by bullshit. I'm nowmallly easy to please, and hardly ever rant about anything, but this game, really... Damn...

??? medals

If you're going to have secret medals, then that's fine, but why do you feel the need to add '???' on every one of the medal description.


the sliding of it doesn't give u the speed in crease u need move like up to jump down to lide and right key to increase speed instead of sliding