Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Fairly good game

But the way to speed up is too annoying. Tip: You get a speed boost at the BEGINING of the slide. so to go faster, keep tapping slide. Unfortunately, you can't really do this in the later parts of the cave, because there are too many traps and ledges.

I had absolutely no problems with it except..

...the difficulty. It's nigh upon impossible to get more than 10000 points.
I had none of the bugs others did, however.


this game is frustrating as all hell, but god damn is it addicting!lol
i dont know if its just the idea that it changes everytime or the internal competition i have going on with this game. but i cant stop trying to get just ALITTLE bit further each time.lol
way to go on the gaming equivelant of crystal meth you jerk LOL


I like it. Its fast paced and simple lol. It does get boring after the first 10 times you hurry up and die though...that could just be my reaction time. :)

Interesting and nifty

Most people dont take the time to really check the portal, but i love looking for something different and am pretty pleased with what you have here, and hope you make many more nifty things like this. ok this game was different it has the old style graphics wich i like and made it an even more fun experience so nice job all around on this one, the medals were pretty easy just some basic functions, the game is fun and entertaining, and i had a good time with it, so nice job all around. So nothing is ever perfect not any flashnot even this one but you do bring alot of new aspects to the table. that make it much different and even a little unique, and i hope youkeep that vibe going in your future stuff to the portal.

You have made yourself a name here with this one, Its amusing aswell as etertaining, very interesting if i say so myself, I feel there could be a few changes that could make this better though, and here is what i came up with today. I like the black and white graphics, but maybe as some flashy effects you could add some color just on special stuff like on achievments that would be a nice effect.