Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

I will not return..

I will not return to the Cave of No Return. The gray color scheme is ugly, you should've spent another hour giving this game color. The anime character choice isn't my thing but ony because I have a self respect as a man, I don't know what you are, a sissy boy? The menu music is ok but probably stolen just like all the sound effects, the atmosphere of the cave is dull but mostly annoying. Sliding does make you go faster so continuously pressing down instead of holding it will work in your favor. And what's with no description on medals? Dickish move. People want to play this game with unique content, the button doesn't work and this game doesn't have any unique content anyway. It's a terrible addition to the avalanche genre, you could've made this cool by adding powerups, color, and a different character but you went the color-blind 12yo Asian girl route. Seems like you wasted your time but hopefully gained some experience.

SteveHarris responds:


Sorry if I am just too stupid but..

I don't get it why I am getting slower? Is there something I need to do to gain speed? Am I hitting something I can't see? I really have no idea, but the cavein always gets me after several seconds.. I like the graphics and the gameplay idea itself, but dying without knowing why really makes this game bad. If this is intented, please include at least instructions how to avoid it.

Does not work for me

Got the "no return" medal, a landslide started and... my pic went black.. except for
the little score counter, which kept right on rolling. I reloaded at 5,300-ish.


The game is mediocre and gets boring. The colors and graphics are good though. The game is hard and should be going a little faster when you run.

What is this even?

Well, you definitely had the right appeal going. But the whole shaking of the screen until it was utter blackness (even though the game was still going) really made me kinda hate life. There is no point in trying to play a game if i'm just going to get boned out of doing well.