Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

That awkward moment

when you can play Dino Run or Canabalt and have a lot more fun.

Nothing too new or interesting.

What a shame. This game has the potential to be really awesome.
The way the back end of the screen gradually encroaches is stupid. Simply put it is stupid. There is no eloquent way to word that.

Also the stalactite/stalagmite obstacles are almost impossible to differentiate from the background. Even when you're going at a good clip you'll fly into one of those obstacles because they just don't stand out.

I'd much rather be playing Canabalt.

The good notes is, the game is incredibly smooth. And is VERY visually appealing. I had to score this game a 2/5 because due to its many shortcomings it is nothing too new, or interesting.

Make a few tweaks and release a 2.0 and you'll have solid gold on your hands.

Nice game but...

I have too many issues with this game to make it fun.

First: Jumping problems. As stated, even though I push Up, she doesn't jump, typically resulting in tripping on a ledge.

Second: Deadly randomizing. There were several times where the generated cave resulted in me getting killed by simply making one mistake. This alone made it no fun.

Third: Mushroom cave spikes. The floor spike balls a too big. If I wasn't dieing by tripping too much, I was typically jumping onto the spike balls. They require to be near pixle perfect to get over and that's just bad design. Too early typically had me jump onto the back spike while too late threw me headlong into the front spike. Shave them down a bit and it would be better.

Last: A combo of the darkness/dust wall and the dropping ceiling. I'm sorry, when I have to spam the Down key just to stay ahead, that make this impossible to play. Unless I'm mistaken, you can NOT outrun the wall normally. You HAVE to you the Slide Boost just to stay ahead, if not at speed with the chasing doom. The fact you put that as a hint(Tip! Did you notice that you get a speed boost when you initially slide?)means it is bad game play.

The Slide boost should be how the player recovers from trips, not basic mode of transport. The wall should move at the same speed at the player and they only have three, maybe four trips before being killed by the wall. On the flip side, Slide Boosts should allow the player to outrun the wall if they are too close and try to get some breathing room. Fix it to be like that and I'm sure people will have more fun with this game.


A mediocre canabalt clone. Plays solid enough but it's nothing of note.

Soo confused

Nooooo idea what im supposed to do, it says to avoid those weird spikes and i do but i still get caught because that things faster than you, wtf?