Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

OK game, gets too difficult too soon

Unless there only 2 areas this game gets too difficult way too soon. The obstacles in the second area require too precise of jumps to make it over them at the speed you need to go or at that point the game makes you go too fast for the jumps. This is also a great example of why randomly generated obstacles are terrible because it likes to throw jumps at you that you just can't make.


at the end of the cave of no return..........is another cave

It's alright...

And, frankly, that's all I can fucking give it. I've played a lot of runners, but this is ridiculous. While I've never run into a bug of any sort, I find it infuriating that I have to rapidly press slide (The startup of the slide is faster than the period of using it, just so you know) just to get away from the falling rocks, and even when I do, the damn thing can still kill me. Not because of poor timing, but because it's closing in on me faster than it should.

Also, give us an option to move left or right a bit in mid-air. That'll at least compensate for all the infuriating random terrain that you throw at the player.

Mash the down button

That's the secret to winning this game. You get a small speed boost when you initiate a slide so if you mash the slide button in order to get anywhere.

Nothing too new or interesting.

What a shame. This game has the potential to be really awesome.
The way the back end of the screen gradually encroaches is stupid. Simply put it is stupid. There is no eloquent way to word that.

Also the stalactite/stalagmite obstacles are almost impossible to differentiate from the background. Even when you're going at a good clip you'll fly into one of those obstacles because they just don't stand out.

I'd much rather be playing Canabalt.

The good notes is, the game is incredibly smooth. And is VERY visually appealing. I had to score this game a 2/5 because due to its many shortcomings it is nothing too new, or interesting.

Make a few tweaks and release a 2.0 and you'll have solid gold on your hands.