Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Good Job!

Actually felt like an old school game, gave me a nostalgic feeling like I was playing the original Gameboy or something. Very awesome, hard as hell, but hey, so were old school games. Good Job! 5/5 10/10

Very fun!

This game was very fun and challenging! The music and the art work was splenetic!

the funny side of the lag in this game

when I first started playing this game,I keep having lags.But,the lag helps! I didn't die,my score keeps going up,I don't have to put my focus on the controls and I can't see anything,eventhough i seen the intro and everything but I can't see i'm controlling anything! I never say the game sucks,IT ROCKS! I can just wait the whole day until I scored a million points! I'm also playing this game on Google Chrome! I just can't stop laughing! thanks to the lag,I can do anything without using the controls! the only thing I did is slide mostly and jump sometimes. Don't fix the game,let the scores go up!!!! :))

Why are we going trhu this forest again?

"Because beyond it is the cave of no retuuurrnn"

1st thing that came into my head XD


fun and addictive fame