Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

There and back again

I just want to know where it ends, I got to 35k and I wasn't even out of the crystal zone. I'm lead to believe there's a bone zone after that which I'm guessing is even longer, so am I looking at 100k? Good god!

I get why people ragequit and gave this game a bad review, but that's rather poor taste. Just because you're not good at a game, doesn't make it a bad game. People also complained it was black and white, but I found that a style choice and the game looks awesome as it is. The controls are smooth, I don't know if it's my computer or nerves but it seems to lag alittle during the crystal zone.

I'd like it if the deathzone in the back didn't have a finite distance it can get behind you, but I can look at it another way; atleast you don't die instantly when you mess up a jump. Even though later on, this is usually the case.

I do agree with some people on the music, it's hard to hear over the tunnel callapsing. This might be personal taste, but I think a fast passed techno-style beat would be a better fit.

It's a sweet game overall. It's fair and the frustration I can only blame on myself; where it belongs. I wish I never beat I wanna be the guy on very hard, cause now I have this sense that I should be able to easily beat any game and that is not the case. Someone said something about the game not having check points, I think it'd be interesting if it did. I mean, as you get better, the first two zones become a 1-2 minute cutscene that you have to watch every time. I'm sure better players find that true of the crystal zone. Just an idea, otherwise great job.

Awesome game man!

People, don't be stupid this is the CAVE OF NO RETURN you're always gonna die the thing is to keep pushing you're high score while trying to get all of the achievements! Great graphics and sound ..simple yet entertaining :)


and the 100 point medal is very easy to get



Great retro GB game. I love it.

The sliding and avalanche medals are cumulative with total play time, not per game. Just hold the slide button down and/or stay near the avalanche to earn.