Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Sweet jesus

That is one hard game.

I love the style of it, and the mechanics are fluid but you seriously effed up when creating the cave-in system. It was completely random at times, sometimes I would have had a perfect run, powersliding as much as I could, and it would catch up to me still. Others I would mess up 3 or 4 times and it was hardly a problem.

It makes the game impossible unless you absolutely grind the hell out of it, and these games are designed to be casual fun, not something you sink hours into.

I like the idea, but barring any idea of the total length, any checkpoint system and the completely unbeatable cave-in, it makes the game intensely not fun.

Make some tweaks and I would definitely come back to give this a round 2, but for now it is unplayable.


so in order to do well you have to...

randomly get lucky and get good flat terrain to constantly powerslide across in order to keep ahead of the cave that can outrun you?


Also, the art was nice but the game lacked anythig to make it stand out.

Cant outrun doom wall

A game thats point is to go as far as possible yet makes that impossible is intrinsically flawed from the get go. It would be like if canabalt just had a giant wall at a 1000 meters or something. It kills the fun of the game. I would run and make no mistakes yet the doom wall would still catch me.

One of the more frustrating runners I've played

The girl seems to refuse to take jump commands, opting instead to trip on every ledge and hit half the spikes I tell her to jump over. This is not an issue of timing. I know when to push the button. She doesn't know when to execute the command. Must be a feminist.

Also, the Crystal Clear achievement seems broken, unless you have to get PAST the crystal level, which is silly since it's stupidly difficult.

Would be a great game if not for this and all the other issues outlined by PortalReviewerPerson. The game is just poorly designed.

More controls?

I know what you are trying to do by only giving us two buttons but concerning how fast the screen is moving, it's kind of hard not to die. I can't imagine anyone getting higher than 20000 points on this game. Also using slide for mobility is an extremely bad idea, you have to duck and move fast with sliding? It's not like you actually move ahead in the screen from sliding either. The jumps have to be so fucking precise it's kind of impossible to not lose your speed or die from the fucking spikes poking your ass. So yeah I give it a 3