Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

OK game, gets too difficult too soon

Unless there only 2 areas this game gets too difficult way too soon. The obstacles in the second area require too precise of jumps to make it over them at the speed you need to go or at that point the game makes you go too fast for the jumps. This is also a great example of why randomly generated obstacles are terrible because it likes to throw jumps at you that you just can't make.

needs to speed up

The game would be much better if she could speed up. You will get caught every time because she is goin the same speed through out the whole game.

Good..good, but some programming issues

The game looks beautiful, but its not backed by good flow of game play. it feels exciting but the ceiling falls too quickly the avatar is not moving more ahead to give a good distance, in simple terms I small mess up your done there is no way to recover.

Its a little laggy giving the experience of a runner game very uncomfortable. Just a few twerks and this game will look amazing.

Keep it up you have the grasp just keep molding it.

looks fair

Well what do we have here? a run and jump kind of game? honestly I think its a fair built game with a good kick in its style,such as the cinematic intro and some polygonal 3D on the cave's entrance,and a rather good song to go with it,but I believe it should've been more of a Minecraft/Terraria survival game,but is fully set in an infinite cave where you fight out monsters till your last breath,since we already have similar games like this that only uses less than 5 buttons ,or hell,make the game have this arcadey style into it and have bigger twists than what the game has,like big monsters chasing you,that'd be great.

I have given you a five for the unique style you're trying to make,but I think you should try getting this game to stick out with more enhancements.

You just got penetrated

This is pretty bad. You slide faster than you run and your jump has nothing to do with the momentum you have. The physics need to be fixed. The black and white makes this game even less entertaining than what it could be and the "music" is annoying.