Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

Not the best!

too slow for me. graphics can use a touch up. maybe some perks to go with it. overall alright game. just put more time and youll get more out of it thanks.

I don't get this game

Game looks nice, but I don't get it. Once I've made no mistakes and though I get caught. Other time I bounced off two times and yet I get approximately as far.
Is there a way to speed up? I tried sliding, but it don't get you faster.

needs to speed up

The game would be much better if she could speed up. You will get caught every time because she is goin the same speed through out the whole game.

Not better than its competitors in the right ways.

It certainly LOOKS a lot better than, say, Canabalt or Dino Run (shame that you don't get to see much of the cave in the thin horizontal strip that houses the actual gameplay), and the animation is quite smooth.

But the gameplay itself just isn't anything special, and is far too difficult for its own good. You state that sliding is a good way to build up speed, since the start of the slide does give you a quick speed boost... So why is it that you almost never give me an opportunity to use it to my advantage outside of the first section aside from dodging the too-close-together obstacles, yet when I DO have a chance to use it, it seems to throw the Advancing Wall of Cave-in Doom behind me back a single pixel and no more? I'd argue that perhaps you're trying to get me to do a perfect run to progress, but considering that I'm pretty sure that the Wall is catching up to me even when I'm not making mistakes (if the ceiling suddenly starting to collapse on me despite having made no mistakes thus far), I'm not even sure if THAT would be enough to win. At least in Dino Run, you could put some actual distance between you and the Wall of Doom, AND could upgrade yourself (however slowly) to gain a fighting chance if things were getting too hard.

And considering that you're implying that there IS an endgame to this... why wouldn't you put in a checkpoint system? You have the perfect way to do it right in front of you; just put checkpoints at the start of every new background change. I don't want to slog through the easy parts over and over just so I can claw my way back to the part where the game suddenly decides it hates me again and kills me in short order.

And as a minor gripe, it'd be kind of nice if the sound of the cave collapsing, which you will hear all too often as you play, wasn't trying to completely drown out the game's music.

I respect your intentions with this game, but it just isn't as fun to play as others like it. We'll talk again, hopefully when your game's difficulty curve no longer resembles a vertical line.

Good..good, but some programming issues

The game looks beautiful, but its not backed by good flow of game play. it feels exciting but the ceiling falls too quickly the avatar is not moving more ahead to give a good distance, in simple terms I small mess up your done there is no way to recover.

Its a little laggy giving the experience of a runner game very uncomfortable. Just a few twerks and this game will look amazing.

Keep it up you have the grasp just keep molding it.