Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

OK game, gets too difficult too soon

Unless there only 2 areas this game gets too difficult way too soon. The obstacles in the second area require too precise of jumps to make it over them at the speed you need to go or at that point the game makes you go too fast for the jumps. This is also a great example of why randomly generated obstacles are terrible because it likes to throw jumps at you that you just can't make.

Not the best!

too slow for me. graphics can use a touch up. maybe some perks to go with it. overall alright game. just put more time and youll get more out of it thanks.

Simple yet fun

I liked this game a lot except the sudden difficulty ramp, while I don't have a problem with it the problem mostly is with timing on the second areas spikes. They are far to punishing, especially since you should be sliding about every second

"You just got penetrated"

At first it may look easy, but then the cave start to fall over you faster and faster... Pretty addictive. I know this will be accepted... I just can't stop laughing at the "You just got penetrated" line when I died. Anyways, very good game.


i like it