Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

chang the way to speed up plzz

i got up to 15k score, but the thing is, with only rapidly hit down button to desperedly gain spd, it make me can;t hit the up when needed that really stupid...

It's alright...

And, frankly, that's all I can fucking give it. I've played a lot of runners, but this is ridiculous. While I've never run into a bug of any sort, I find it infuriating that I have to rapidly press slide (The startup of the slide is faster than the period of using it, just so you know) just to get away from the falling rocks, and even when I do, the damn thing can still kill me. Not because of poor timing, but because it's closing in on me faster than it should.

Also, give us an option to move left or right a bit in mid-air. That'll at least compensate for all the infuriating random terrain that you throw at the player.

Not that bad

I read the other reviews and I have to say that I don't have any jumping problems, but I thinkn BennyK is right: the slide shouldn't be a mode of transport, plus, some stuff like the leaderboard and the "More Games" buttons (the menu one, the teagames one, and the unique content one). Last, the play button on the explanation screen have some problems, and I have to double click 8-10 times before it works. But, even with these problems, the basic idea is good, you should keeep going


I cant even get through the first 30 seconds, even if im ding extremely good the dark wall on the left ALWAYS catches up to me and kills me. I cant accelerate in speed so it eventually always catches up...

Mash the down button

That's the secret to winning this game. You get a small speed boost when you initiate a slide so if you mash the slide button in order to get anywhere.