Reviews for "Cave of No Return"


A check point at each new area would be awesome!

Not too bad...

It's pretty good and simple...nice and smooth animation, okay artwork, easy laid-back gameplay...BUT WHYZ WE KEEP DYIN???

Exactly. The biggest fault of this game is that even if you didn't trip, even if you slid a lot for that speed boost, even if you aren't trapped behind a wall; somehow, inexplicably, you will eventually run to your doom as you hit the ceiling and are consumed by rubble.

Spectacular graphics, bad programming

It says I unlocked a new starting area, but how do I start from it?

It's laggy and glitchy, the camera goes berserk sometimes when I jump into a collapsing ceiling, the high scores don't work, hell, even the "more games" buttons don't work.

This game is too challenging.

Nowhere in the instructions does it say that not sliding will cause you to become overcome by the avalanche.

After reading through the reviews, I found out that you can go faster by pushing the down button repeatedly.

I don't like games where i need to spam a key the entire time, sorry. My fingers get tired, and I end up making dumb mistakes since ive been frantically pushing one button to the point of fatigue.

7/10 for a cool concept, nice visuals, and audio.
(-3 for strange gameplay)

What a cheesy version of the game! In the version I played before, which is an executable file I run on my computer and not a portal window in newgrounds, you LOSE IMMEDIATELY if you miss a jump. There's no stumbling and then recovering from it. I mean for crying out loud, you don't get any get out of jail free cards in any versions of canabalt. You screw up, and you DIE! No debating it! So I'm disappointed to see an alternate version of it here where that is the case. I wonder which was made first.

I even made a recording of me playing it, incidentally getting a score which you would almost certainly never, ever match even if you were to play this game continuously for the next 100 millennia.


That there is the REAL version of the game. No second or third or 4th chances. You trip and you die.

Good music. Memorable at least. I'd have recognized it after any amount of time.

Also the controls are rather nonresponsive. I press up and there's a good chance it'll ignore me and I'll have to press up again, and same for pressing down. Ha ha, I only got a score of 18383 on my first try after not playing the game for a year and a half, shameful. I guess the nonresponsiveness probably had less of an effect than the cheesy lenient rules. Looking back over that youtube upload, I see now most of my personal high scores I see were in the upper 20k's in the original version but those were of course my best games and I tried for probably 100-200 games before I got past 30k and discovered there was no 5th background phase, just more of phase 4, on average I'd probably get 20-22k, but I would expect to lose pretty fast being out of practice now.

What the hell is this crap about me playing a little girl, it telling me I just got penetrated when I lost, and the game being rated "E" for everyone though? Do you even understand what ratings are for? That should get it at least a "T". I mean, I don't give a damn, I'm just saying, that's a creepy thing to say in general and it's not "E" material. Kind of like that video mocking ebaumsworld which ends with the screen shot of topless girls from some japanese porno game, being rated E as well. It just gives me a chuckle seeing the E rating.