Reviews for "Cave of No Return"

"You just got penetrated"

At first it may look easy, but then the cave start to fall over you faster and faster... Pretty addictive. I know this will be accepted... I just can't stop laughing at the "You just got penetrated" line when I died. Anyways, very good game.


Actually pretty good. A lil funny skill game.. I enjoyed it :D

Also love the music. <3 ASnd the style of graphics.

Good Work :3

why are you blamming this r u blind

No1 there are checkpoints u just have to know how to play the game to find them
no2 by using the checkpoints u advance bit by bit until you FINISH the cave


Well, at least it seems lovely except that it is lagging as hell and all I see is a gray and my score constantly going up.


There are some reeeally misinformed reviews for this gme. I especially laughed at the one complaining about the slide "being faster than the running speed", as if that wasn't the whole point of the game.

Old and very boring concept, but it had that "something" I guess. I think the Gryzor-
esque menu screen got me :)