Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"

Mars developed NUKES!


so after they destroyed their own planet, they f'd up our evolution!

mother fu*kers >:-C


I have yet to see any proof to this outrageous fantasy you've created. Sumerian records, you say. Thoth, you say. This is not proof. This is you grasping at mysterious records and things that we don't truly understand, like the pyramids, and then calling it fact. I have decided for myself, this is garbage. Hebrews came from a different planet in the future? Martians destroyed their Earth-like planet? In fact, I have a real problem with that last part. How was mars Earth-like anyway? No seriously, explain it to me so I might get a better grip on what you call fact. Because from science, we pull away that mars is not the right distance from the sun to support an Earth-like environment. Perhaps if you said they were different beings and thrived on different environments then us. Another question, if a whole race of people tried the Lucifer Experiment, wouldn't they destroy everything in the universe? Your story is full of holes backed up by the same vague "evidence". 3 stars for good story telling. --Nightmarish

Life on mars.

They recently found mud on mars that contains life.

haha funny

that's good fiction, but sorry it is only fiction. continu to do this, because it is funny but don't pretend it's true.


Now that is some kind of "history" that you never hear. I'm impresed that we still know it and it finnaly comes out.