Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"


so hebrew are not human? does that means that hitler was a martian or from Uranus?
but still funny stories and good animation

Crackpot theories.

It saddens me when people cannot come to comprehend how the ancients constructed epic architecture or how they developed their own sciences. Don't read into the rubbish published on the internet by unaccredited sources with no valid citations.

Get an account to JStor, L'annee philologique, etc and do some research in these journals: Iraq, The Bulletin of the American School of Oriental Research, The Biblical Archaeologist and others for valid research into these topics that interest you.

Sitchin, von Daniken and others are nothing but a group of fraudsters who create elaborate and fantastic fictional stories. Not to even mention that many of them do so only to make a profit and are at times prosecuted for doing so because they essentially epouse misinformation.

A lesson to learn is that one must always critically approach these written sources. Does this author publish any material in peer-reviewed journals (viewed and criticised by people in the related field)? If not, he or she is writing drivel.

Awsome im Not Old enough To completely Understand

your vids But what i can gather is very intresrting Athough Howm do you tell the diffrance If this stuff is fake or not? Because You dont Exactly Have Alot of Proof Martains came here if they existed Reply to my comment If your willing and we can talk about it more. keep makeing these Videos its intresting to Watch..


I love to see and hear what other people think about our creation. I think this was a very enjoyable learning experience.

That's some funky junk brother.

While I myself am a Christian it's always so cool to me to hear these ideas and theories. It is truly interesting to me to learn about the other possible ways that we as a being and as a society were started. I do have to say thought that this theory would make a great basis for an awesome movie.