Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"

I'm all up for opinions

I must agree in that all of this is speculation but you do say that this might well all be wrong and your "merely reporting".
But It's important to note that any view on any time but the present is speculative, it depends on what kinds of sources you believe. If you believe in channellings, this may appeal to you more than if you believe a scientists thoughts on how the fossil record (which is quite patchy to be honest) fits together.
I think that all these stories of where we came from and where we're going should be seen as allegories for how we live now. If you are of a materialist bent life being a random event makes more sense than our being put here by higher beings. But both equal the same mode of living, that life is a happy gift that we must cherish (to what degree you're free to argue) and protect.
Finally science is a series of theories picked from the air and either proved or disproved by popular consensus, so don't dislike this out of hand but question whether it gives a good answer for your view of reality. if it doesn't give a better theory. This is the appliance of science.
And also be tolerant of others opinions, for that is how we progress.

Looking forward to whats next

I've watched all the lessons up till now, and your video explaining the change the series will make in the future and I'm looking forward to all of it. But I need to add I haven't finished this video just yet. You see sometimes something happens and I need to pause the video so I won't miss something. I can sometimes do this by right clicking the flash and unchecking the play option. however sometimes this goes horribly wrong and it plays the audio from the beginning along with the audio from the position that I decided to pause at. This results in me having to instead start the entire lesson over. Thats when I had an idea, if it is possible, could you add a pause button in your videos?

On a side note, I don't know if you like anime or anything like that, but I recently watched an anime that is outside my genre pool and took a liking to it. Some of the themes in the anime really reminded me about a few of the things discussed in your videos. The anime talks about quantum brain waves and ultimately leads to a quantum consciousness which I likened to mass consciousness. I also couldn't help but notice that in the anime a change begins to happen in the human race similar to the DNA activation that you discussed earlier. The anime is called Gundam 00, although I highly doubt you have the free time I have to just drop everything and watch a 50 episode series like i did. I just wanted you to know that something made within the past 2 years reflected the things you've been talking about in a very strange way.

Well like I said, looking forward to you future videos


I'm AFRAID, because I don't UNDERSTAND any of this. Of course. I'm sorry, but the entirety of this video is unsubstantiated, speculative drivel, with absolutely zero facts to back up any of the claims made.
Do you know WHY people prior to the Renissaince believed Earth was in the center of the universe (they did not believe, btw, that the Earth was flat, but I don't want to nitpick)? Because of Dogma. Because they put Faith over Fact. Science is the exact opposite. It doesen't matter what you believe, it doesen't matter what you'd like to be true. All that matters is Fact.

And boy, is this video devoid of facts. One could indeed say, as I did earlier, that it's BULLSHIT.

Calling bullshit on Mr. "Bull. Shit."

The entire human race 400 years ago: Ever heard of science? No you haven't. The Earth is flat, resides in the center of our solar system AND the universe.

Present day man: Boy were people stupid for thinking the Earth was flat, not to mention all that other drivel.

It's people like Killersepp who doubt what they can't understand that push us farther and farther back in our progress as a species. I'm not going to say whether I believe in any of this stuff or not, but just keep in mind what people used to believe was absolute when it was all just crap in reality.

ummmmm ya

so ive watched many of ur videos but have not commented on them (due to the fact that iam lazy) and allot of them interest me......however i think greatly on the male side of my brain so forgive me if i can not see ur true perspective on things
but anyway i watched the thing on the magnetic field of the earth and even though u might not be the person to ask i would like ur opinion on this....is there is anything we can do stop this....ive read somethings a bout terraforming other planets and was wondering if it is possible or if there is anything else we can do to save ourselves from what will be another mars again u dont have to answer this if u dont know i just dont no anybody else i could ask about this.........btw love u work hope for more.

p.s i failed grammar.....srry