Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"


this proves that Martians are REAL!


An idea similar to mine on humanity. Is it just weird that I have some thoughts on something like that but never said a thing because I know nobody will listen and now I just realized there are people working on it? Sounds psychic, but true. You've just made my day, thanks for these interesting stuff, explains a couple things that keeps bugging my mind for almost a decade.


@antitank, if you think we are all meant to belive this, then you are retarded. This guy is putting a spin on this to make it more entertaining. If he only told the truth, it would be extremley boring, and it would never have gotten on newgrounds. Alternativley, how do you know all the things you said are true? People have been making lies for thousands of years to make up for the unexplained.

antisemetic ass hole

hebrew werent aliens, they were just different, if u seriously think that then ur just retarded and none of the shit ur spouting into ng makes any sence. no one realy cares about the shit u post and you shouldnt use new grounds just to put ur own opinions onto others and try to start some cultic religeon around some egyptian
god u think is real.
p.s. thoth is a rip off of ra

RiverJordan responds:

Nope, Thoth was a priest king of atlantis who became king AFTER Ra, however he and Ra did work together on the christ consciousness grid, which will be discussed in lesson 3.


This is one of the BEST series on NG.com!!!PLUS,It's actually sota educational,so technically if you wanna watch this but you have to study,you can watch,because your learning A.K.A. Study!!!

-Me,an Atheist!