Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"


This rules :D

allot of reviews saying...

that this guy needs to watch what he is saying. As he says at the beginning, you don't have to take this as fact. I personally don't but this guy has done allot of research on his theory and It has intrigued me. As for the Jewish statement, I'm not offended by these statement, however I'm not a practicing Jew, I eat pork and have very scientific views as my dad was English Atheist so I get to do these things. But don't you people think maybe this is why Hitler wanted rid of the descendent's that where not of the Aryan race. I am not a Nazi if anybody asks. I am mixed race with religious backgrounds which admittedly I have never followed (never the less, obviously not Aryan) and am disgusted in what happened during any war, let alone WW2. But this does make me wonder.

I can accept some of this...

Whilst you always make interesting observations, and are entitled to your view, the pyramids have already been explained, at least in terms of construction. Round logs were placed under the stones, and when the stone passed a log, it would be moved in front of the stone. This coupled with a ramp system, formed a construction process. Therefore pyramids do not equal aliens or telekenisis, despite what you may want to believe.

wait, WHAT!?

I liked it like all the others but at the end, you say that Jewish people are aliens? Thats just offending
and im starting to not belive all what you say. If your not shur of some thing like that, please keap it away. thanks.

RiverJordan responds:

Hey now, i'm just saying what Thoth said, and frankly if i was jewish i would be taking it as a compliment :D

Very Intriguing.

Watch you spoke of here was eye-opening and incredible. I always thought that the only way for other worlds to be inhabited with "aliens" would be if we were to travel there and create civilizations, and eventually cause us to transform due to the change in environment compared to Earth.

This was very interesting, and how you connected everything was fantastic. I must say, I can't wait for Part 2 on Monday. I want to know what happened next, what you will tell happened next, at least.