Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"

o my god

i never thought about it like that

I'm sorry but good Lord.

I kept up until you started speaking in another language.
And by that I just mean going off the deep end into I-don't-even-know-what.

I'm highly interested but this is making it difficult to be enthusiastic.

RiverJordan responds:

Perhaps your seeing it going too far, but could it be that you haven't gone far enough? ;)

Mars huh ?

I was watching Discovery about other planets and I glad you said something about the magnetic field Mars use to have. Correct me if I'm wrong but I though Mars got destroyed the the suns heat radiation that it was giving off for billions of years ? Earth has the magnetic field to repel that radiation but Mars didn't. I think the same goes for Venus I think. I'm not going to say you're wrong, just want to make sure.

( your videos are awesome by the way )

RiverJordan responds:

From what the scientists in the nova special found, something happened on mars that caused them to have their magnetic field destroyed, not happening naturally over time

very interestig

finally something about history
if you need a source about the way all people and nations evolved and why the pyramids have nothing to do with (for example) the inca's read this book. Guns, Germs and steel. the fate of human societies. by Jared Diamond.

the time that jesus was born and the invention of writing diverse about 3200 years

good but i give you an 8 because......

hebrew aliens from the the future but you have gripped on the story especially because of the thing about left-brained beings from mars which does make sence because sicence proved mars used tobe like earth and is it just going to cycle forever because get this when earth was formed it was like venus but then lighting sparked life after water was formed