Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"

most of the facts aren't actually facts

1-Hebrews didn't come from space it's a fantasy if we took a copy of the earth and put it where the mars should be humans will never be able of to stay alive for a sec not even the earth will become like an ice cub and then it all burns so humans had never lived on mars maybe some other creatures did but not humans.

2-the jewish star symbol is a time traveling machine well that's completely incorrect man this is just unbelievable and it's another fantasy.

3-Atlantis it's just another fantasy there is no prove that it had ever existed.

4-Aliens (NOT HEBREWS) built the pyramids ya that might be true and i actually think that what had happened in egypt and in the americas and if you looked at the two civilizations you will find a lot of similarities between them.

5-It's believed that all of the humans came from one man and one women (called adam and hawa in quran)
so there isn't any humans that came from mars or from the space (as i said why in N.1).

6-About the kundalini i didn't know about it but i actually felt it before several times and noticed that i can control on it only when i'm in the bed to sleep i felt that there is some kind of power moving up and down and at that time i couldn't explain the meaning of it but now i think know what it is.

7-I like that you are searching for information and then telling them to the people in a nice way to make it easier for them to understand but you will have to make sure that this information is 100% correct and you will have to look at things from different ways i know that's is said than done cause each one us only see one small part of one big picture but if you want to deliver information to other people you will have to see the most of that picture so you just tell the right things to people and that's actually the cost of doing this so you will have to pay for it.

damn you mars!!!!!!!!!!!

i like your animations, and how you use it to bring forth information to make things interesting and not boring. good job, and interesting....can't wait for your next view.


Random fart joke humour videos can get a 4.56 score and people want to give this a 3.55?

Hebrews... from space?

Yet again, interesting, but I don't take a word as fact, besides for the proof. But proof doesn't always make something fact, as you could be looking at something in a different way than it actually is. Take Dante's Inferno for example. Believed to be written as a work of fiction, some say that he was enlightened and it is all true. But Hebrews are descendants of Israel/Jacob, who is a son of Abraham, and if Abraham and Lot were also aliens, that means that all people from the Middle East aren't human, meaning that 'human' is an incorrect and racist term. Nevertheless, good animation and glad that you said that you aren't saying it as fact, as some people will take it as fact, but others won't. I see it as a clever way to pull together evidence that is linked together, but not entirely in this way. keep up the good work.


Very good, as like with any other video, very good. I hope than at some point you will talk about the crop circles. I found a small movie about it and it was amazing how the makers of the circles have hid messages in these figures. They usualy have a connection with mayan symbols, and most of them told something about 2012...