Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"


Reminds of the sears comercial "Better get ready cause its raining cold hard facts up in here."

RiverJordan responds:



I won't argue with anything you said because it makes too much sence for me to deny.I just realy want you to make a special lesson or something after the events of 2011 to explain more about how to use the merkaba and stuff if thats ok.

ok i have a few questions

if mars had a totally left-brained atitude about everything and they killed themselves (except for some) wouldn't that mean us humans are he same with the war right now and is it possible the same thing will happen to earth of what happened to mars?

@theeketel you should know just like every other smart person that the pryamids were built before history was actually recorded which was the same time that Jesus was born ok so prehistory is important to this video so shut up

RiverJordan responds:

Very very close, we are actually the children of a new consciousness, between both left brain and right brain consciousness :D


I'm not pretty sure if i can believe all these 'cause some of them must have happened, but some of them makes no sense..,,, but who knew maybe the happenings in this movie must have happened. Anyways, this movie's very well made, you've made an interesting assumption of the possibility of the existence and history of Atlantis....,,, so I give 7!


I've just gotta praise you for coming out with this kind of material, i wish more people would voice their opinion on matters of origen that neither science nor philosophy has adequately answered.

I'm not going to get into any debate as such though, cus frankly i don't agree with your reality tunnel and, well, given that you're discussing prehistory and remote antiquity that's besides the point, it's all up for grabs really so any version is worthwhile including yours.

Overall it's a very refreshing break from the older generation of consciousness awareness raisers' persistent themes of oppression and alien invasion that are all but the golden standard of this genre on the web today. (david icke anyone?)

I sincerely hope and can only imagine that this achieves what i am taking the liberty of assuming you had in mind, get (some) people to think and follow up the reading you suggested, maybe follow a trail or two that their own intuition hints them at and reach who knows what conclusions they'd otherwise never have come up with.

Keep it up :3 (And read some alice bailey, you'll love her)