Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"

I'm 15 years old and what is this?

I enjoyed it, but I need to view it again to fully understand. Soooo, there are time travelings jews, martians that messed up our peace, spirt controls everything, Atlantis wasn't just one city, but 12, and the earth is alive?

I don't really know what to conclude @_@

RiverJordan responds:

Check out the rest of the series haha, might make more sense


People who have accepted religion as a full answer in their lives can not accept anything that discredits it at all, if you are one of the people who believe GOD has all your answers and nothing else is true this information will never actually show you anything cause you are already closed to the new information. these lesson don't mean that its all true it just information that has recently come to be accepted by lots of people in the scientific and human community.


no. it's just that his decendants were martains. these are awesome!

good flash but one thing

in this flash i noticed something with a picture that was in it it was one of the pics of a temple with lions to the right or rather some sort of statues and infront of you was a river it looked like now as i recall correctly i might be wrng though seeing as how it has been a few years but that picture is either from the game timelapse or the journeyman project 3 as i recall time laspe was about your search that starts on easter island where you find a device that lets you travel to four other locations in the search for atlantas the other one though lets you visit shangralah as well as other acient locations that are no longer with us both were excilent games but this was still a great flash >.> sorry for going on this rant but it is rare that i reconize something from great games]

your work is deep and useful

thanks for all your lessons