Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"

Nice piece of fiction. 5/5


I'm sorry, but it's just all this information is crap and you can also classify this as 'Bullcrap' , also in most of your movies you keep ranting about ''consciousness''.
Still, the only reason why I am rating this 5 stars is because of the funny animation on it.

Well, you know what they say...

The best lies come from a bit of truth. This comment box isn't large enough for me to rant about the entire insanity that is this video, but I can put a little something here.

Yes, they did find magnetic readings on Mars, and yes, they did prove that it did at one time have a magnetic FIELD. You know, the field that works your compass? Mars had one. Thing is, NO it was not disrupted by some sentient being's actions. What makes the Earth have a magnetic field? The spinning ball of solid metal in it's core. The dense metals that sank so deep that immense pressures have actually made it solid despite the incredible heat. Then you have Mars. Mars at one time had a magnetic field, because Mars, at one time had a core similar to that of Earth's. Because Mars is smaller and farther away from the Sun, it cooled much faster than the Earth, and everything from the planet's surface down to the absolute center of the planet is rock solid. No molten lava for a metallic core to spin about and create a magnetic field.

Again, this is but one example, but without a shadow of a doubt this video is total and complete nonsense. I can't possibly understand why an internet troll would put so much time and effort into complete BS, but I also cannot understand how someone could be so incredibly deluded.

This is the first video I've seen by this author, but I'm going to have to stop watching them right here before it causes an aneurysm.
3 stars for the animation, -1 for the prepubescant voice. (9 ish?)


If you have about 8 hours i could tell you and show you EXACTLY how the pyramids where made. Please PLEASE do more research before saying stuff.

ahh now there is something

ok lets say the Lucifer came on our planet changing us into war seekers because some wars could be fought solved without war but the lucifers still seek in our eveloution so we fight in war this may explain madness flashes those animations
help our hunger of war