Reviews for "SS - Human History 1"

GAHHHH your sound is glitched

I want to know more, alot more, yet when you start talking about the vortexes and mars and stuff your voice overs glitch up and start running over each other, very frustrating my friend, it needs fixed asap!

Quit smoking.

Most importantly to you, there were two audio tracks playing at once partway through. Might want to revise that part. Aside from that, Atlantis makes perfect sense, but spirituality of all kinds is total BS. Nobody in the history of history itself has moved objects with their minds, and inter-dimensionality itself is a misinterpretation of what dimensions even are. Meditation is a psycological thing. It calms you because you feel calm.

I thought

I was going to have to wait another week for this. Awesome sauce for sure :)