Reviews for "Smokin'"

Smoking sucks

Dude, I hate it when I see someone smoking on the street. I have to cover my mouth with my shirt or hold my breath until I pass them. Anyway, the video wasn't exactly funny. you should work on that, ya know?

vakavadesigns responds:

I am sorry it's not that funny. I think you'll like my next animation, if I ever get around to it. :D

As a smoker....

I still find this funny,
Now I remember way back when before smoking was banned in public places my parents and family would smoke in restaurants and seeing adults smoking in bars.
Now that Im there and a smoker I remember how it sucked to have a smoker next to me when I did not, so I always try to stay away from non smokers when I do smoke, Find a secluded area.
I find that the best way is if your gonna smoke have courtesy and keep it away from non smokers.

And also I find your cartoon to be funny and well done :D

vakavadesigns responds:

I appreciate your consideration of others! :) Thanks for your review.


its great and all, but why is this flash generating so much hate.

vakavadesigns responds:

I don't hate smokerz, sorry if you find the sarcasm offensive

Good Animation

But i found the lyrics, tripe and preachy, and the melody could definitely use some work.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I'm really glad that I can say I'm not the musician, although I find it pretty funny.

not bad

Think about it like this. The greatest songwriters in the world were smokers. Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Jim Morrison... and the guy who doesn't smoke made this... maybe you should start smoking ;) lol

vakavadesigns responds:

Coincidence maybe?