Reviews for "Smokin'"

If you don't smoke cigarettes

You'll live forever.

vakavadesigns responds:

Haha! XD

funny !!!

well i stop with cigar this week seriously !!! and you came with this video ahahahhahahaha looks coincidence !!!! SOOO I LIKE IT

vakavadesigns responds:

That's plain fun & crazy!

Funny, but needs better graphics imo.

Second hand cheeseburgers.. lol, sorry. Yeah the video is hilarious. I mean I never knew someone could turn this subject into such a comedy.
But... The animation could have better graphics, and it could be a little bit longer, or better.

vakavadesigns responds:

It was a total rush (and rough) piece, although I see your point. I was hoping the style could match the unpolished music as well. Nonetheless, thanks for reviewing.

I watched this..

Whilst smoking a ciggarete.

The animation was pretty decent dude, nice to see some indie work up on the front page every now and again, you're clearly on the road to getting much better, overall I'll give this a 7.

The music was ok, the animation was fitting and the message, although I do enjoy smoking, is commendable.

Good job.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanx Chazz! Don't worry I'll practice more and hopefully the next piece will be better.

Was planning on that.

I was planning on smoking killing me.
...but don't worry, I at least have the decency to back far off and/or stand downwind if I'm going to smoke near someone (and absolutely *never* in a building with children, elderly, or those with natural breathing problems).

Anyways, good flash :)

vakavadesigns responds:

Good smoker! :)