Reviews for "Smokin'"

Okay wait.

Okay listen, you actually made me take time out of my night to create an account on NewGrounds- Something I have never done before. Just so I could comment on this pile of shit.

Let me begin by saying I personally do not smoke. So spare me the little "OH LOOK HOW MAD THE SMOKERS ARE GETTING HE HE"

No, my problem is people like you. You honestly don't think there are bigger issues in the world then second hand smoke? You honestly think the air you breathe every day at every second is fucking pixie dust and happiness until cigarette smoke is present THEN IT'S BAD FOR YOU. Are you really that ignorant?

Kiddo, you're not going to DIE from a tiny intake of second hand smoke, the human body is an AMAZING machine- it works 24/7 to protect you from a lot WORSE SHIT.

So i dunno what your problem is bro and I'm sorry if your bitter because mommy, daddy or granny dies from cigarettes due to their addictive personalities but you need to really stop being such a puss.

You got a 1/10 from me because this does nothing but broadcast to the world that vakavadesigns is a cry baby. You have no authority to complain to these people- if they want to smoke they should smoke, that's the beauty of being alive and free.

So spare us your gay little anti animations because this isn't PBS kids, leave your house for once, lose your virginity, and grow a fucking spine.

vakavadesigns responds:

Be serious. A nutty one minute animation caused you to throw the brakes on your life and write this hypocritical tirade, and who are you calling a cry baby? Sorry I crushed your feelings with sound and lines, but I don't think you have any kind of right to silence free speech. As far as growing a spine, I may have sensitive lungs, but the fact that an animation brought you to seething rage proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have sensitive feelings... Who's the cry baby now? If animations with any depth or opinion that's not in lock-step with your myopic view of the world shake you up so badly, it's not my problem.

0 for alot of reasons.

I will make it relatively simple, though.

Dissolution of compounds in high concentration environments. I.E. 100% bleach solution in a quantity of 1 liter added to 1 liter of water equals 50% concentration. The amount of smoke given off by a cigarette, outdoors, is less than 1% of the total molecular composition of the air you are breathing. 1 cubic foot = 28.3168466 liters. So, with 1% of a 28 (rounded) liter container combined with a 28 liter containter with 100% non-cig smoke containing air equals 99% pure air concentration, 1% cig smoke contamination.

You are complaining about 1% of the air you breathe. When in fact, the average vehicle exhaust of a passenger car per year is 11,450 pounds. Divide that by 365, and that means that 31 (rounded) pounds of emissions come out per day. Divide that by 24, and you get 1 pound of emission per hour. Divide by 60 and you have 0.02 pounds per second of emissions from each passing car. A car going 60 mph will take about 2-3 seconds to pass by you. That means that 0.04-0.06 pounds of emissions are contaminating your air in a straight line for the length that the car travels. This would equal 9072-27216 (rounded up) mg of emissions from a single car.

Now lets get back to cig smoke... The tar content of a pack of 20 cigarettes is 14-34 mg. Divide both measurements by 20, and you get a range of tar released per cigarette.
.07-1.7 mg of tar is released per cigarette.

You are complaining about .07-1.7 mg of "bad stuff" when you should be worried about the 9072-27216 mg of "bad stuff" that is passing you every couple of seconds.

The smoker themselves has more to fear from cigarette smoke than you do. You are being childish about something you read in the paper.

vakavadesigns responds:

The wretched smell is enough to repel me. Are you going to argue how great cigarette smoke smells? C'mon man!!


Yuk!I hate smokes!I don't want to see it anymore!

vakavadesigns responds:

I don't think you understood what it's all about. Next time you watch a flash, please have your therapist assist you.