Reviews for "Smokin'"

Very good

I like how this advertises people not to smoke

vakavadesigns responds:

I think this animation is going to save like 10 billion lives and stuff.

one more reason love america

I use to live in the states and I didnt realize how much I appreciate the laws that controls where people can smoke. I live now in europe and I tell you its soo uncomfortable the way everyone smokes everywhere in resteraunts and stuff feels like im sufficating

vakavadesigns responds:

Where in Europe?

ten. because the guy below me is a douche

i'm not 100% against smoking, because...
well he was right. but smoking is a horrible habit.
and if people want to ruin their lives with it. let them i say.
you proved a very good point that smoking kills
you have the right to post a video about it. constitutional right and otherwise.

NOW FOR WHAT A VIDEO SHOULD BE VOTED ON. (aka NOT the message it sends)
video quality, good. audio quality, fine as well. length is descent.
so all around your video was about a 7-8
but i rate generously so... its either a 5 or a 10 with me on most cases
good job

vakavadesigns responds:

Hey thanks. I think he also oversimplified, there are a whole host of pollutants and carcinogens, not just tar...

I appreciate this review.

Smoking does suck...

But this video does not. I'm happy that you are continuing to bring Wally Pleasant songs to NG. There is a lot of potential from his material and I'm glad that it is getting the awesome treatment you are producing.

I liked the characters that were made and you did a good job with the actions going on to the lyrics of the song. I also really like the art style so it was entertaining visually as well.

I hope you make more of these. There are lots of really great songs that can be funny flash videos too. "I Hate Cops," "Bad Haircut," "VH1 Song," and "Bad Kids Show Host" come to mind. However with your art style I would really like to eventually see Wally's version of "The Cat Came Back." That would kick ass.

For the first time...

I'm actually convinced not to smoke.

lol, jk. This was an epic movie.