Reviews for "Smokin'"


..and stop bitching about how expensive it is to kill your self.... guns are cheaper in the long run. Kewdos

vakavadesigns responds:

I think he was just taking the concept of smoking to its logical conclusion, and he was being really sarcastic.

i want to smoke like the aligator

put one cigareta in each nose-hole. lol, any how... this was very good, cool drawings and the song was cool too.
may the force be with you!


i share your dislike of people smoking, its sickening to have to breath in smoke and hold your breath inside lifts full of death gas just cuz somones inconsiderate... i really appreciated the flash you made, so much that i have to log in to tell you

vakavadesigns responds:

thanks for making that extra effort to review! :]

Pretty good

As a smoker myself, I don't see why alot of people are writing reviews about how this is fucked up. In fact when i'm outside having a smoke, I make sure that I'm downwind of non-smokers, because why should they suffer for my slow death?

Anyways, taking a step away from the message in the song, The animation was really good. There were a few parts that weren't as smooth as the others, but all in all you have promise. Just keep working at it, I'd love to see more of your stuff frontpaged =]

vakavadesigns responds:

Yeah the animation was pretty rushed... XD Thanks for not going bananas over a simple animation.

Good gosh... This is Newgrounds, for goshness sake... And I'm willing to wager that my work's way more tame than anything else that's on the frontpage as I'm writing this...

I'll do my best to do better and more work. Next animation's going to be a silly crack-up, and won't hurt ANYONE's feelings... Or most people's anyway...


Smoke all you want, but keep it outside my face.
I do very hate smokers walking in the sidewalk with me, other guys girll and little kids behind the smoker. Douche smokers indeed.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for the review...

Fortunately most smokers I know of are polite and don't push their smoke on ya, that's all I ever ask... [: