Reviews for "Smokin'"

I got to say...I really like this!

Animation; 7 / 10
Audio; 8 / 10
Content; 10 / 10

Animation was absolutley fine although it was a little choppy in places, still it is really a very good animation and the art style is fine aswell although not fantastic. Audio was quite funny but I did still get the under lying theme. It is certainly a very good song! Content was brilliant and worth a 10 so I think...

All in all; 8 / 10

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks a bucketful. I was intentionally in a rush to get this done, the next one, I hope, will be better and I think it won't hurt peoples' feelings as much. I am not intending to be a feelings-hurterer.

Pretty Good

I thought that the animation was great and the song was catchy but the lyrics are a bit ignorant towards the reason people smoke. I used to smoke and I did it because the sensation that nicotine brings is very pleasant and relaxing. I'm not trying to advocate it but the point of view displayed here seems biased.

vakavadesigns responds:

I kinda see both sides of the issue, but man I physically react very badly to smoke, just can't be around it. Yeah I think some of the lyrics were sharp-edged, I just hope people don't take it too personally. Thanks a lot for your review dawg.

But.... But.....

(Note: the following is all in fun and is NOT meant to be argumentative, so...).... I..... started smoking Not because it was cool, but because I REALLY liked the BUZZ. Sure, the buzz disappears after a week or two, but it still had the slight Tranquilizing/stimulant effect that, as an angst ridden teen, made life more tolerable.... And made adult life more tolerable .... and makes my 30's more tolerable..... I don't know. Anyone who says they like the "Taste" is a moron; what they like is the effect. We're all just drug addicts, just more socially acceptable ones. IF I had originally wanted to be cool by smoking, I wouldn't have smoked my first whole cigarette through my nose (I'm a weirdo, but aren't we all a little...?). Anyway, I dig what you're saying, but as for the smell, part of the reason I continue to smoke is because it MUTES my sense of smell. I stopped for a day a while ago and marveled at how inhumanly horrible most cities smell. Between the bus fumes, the garbage, the individual body odor, the random whiffs of pavement-cooked dog poo and the near constant smell of human urine, even smelling a cigarette butt I found on the ground would smell better. Once again, I don't know. One question: where do you live that people can still smoke in bars and restaurants...? I live in New York and, most of the time, you have to walk a few hundred yards away from any standing structure just to be able to pull a cigarette out of the pack, much less light it. I miss smoking areas INDOORS. If they brought that back in my state (and I mean STRICT smoking areas), I think everyone would be a lot less pissed off AND more considerate to others, but, then again, I'm one of the last true Pro-Smokers... We're a dying breed (Pun Intended). BUT, even tough I don't completely agree with the message, your 'Toon was well put together, well directed, the art was really nifty and the whole thing was just snazzy-keen. Good Job and I look forward to your next submission (But could ya go after the Vegetarians next time, maybe...? THAT is something I can get behind...)
PS. On the other hand, I WOULD like to be able to climb a flight of stairs and not have to sit down to five minutes and think about taking a nap...

vakavadesigns responds:

Bwahaha, now that review took a lot of thought and work. If I wasn't so lazy, I could turn it into audio and animate it.

Some crazy guy on youtube hammered my animation, saying that real men smoke because they're fearless about the consequences and boldly do what they love unto death. I bask in the wisdom of such geniuses.

Thanks for the tirade I mean review XD

Pretty nice animation for the song!

As a smoker myself, I respect people's right to not be exposed to second-hand smoke. Although I don't mind, others do.

On a side note... indoor smoking is disgusting, hahaha. Lingering odors are horrible. ;)

Oi shadow-reaper56

In the city I live in some asshole passed a legislation (secretly and underhanded) that bans smoking in bars and other PRIVATELY owned establishments. If I wanna smoke in a public place and it bothers your delicate sensibilities, then walk away. It IS a public area, outside in the free air. The day they outlaw smoking outside they might as well outlaw screaming babies and motor vehicles. Take your sensitive lungs to the other side of the street and bring your cousin with you.

vakavadesigns responds:

Dear Plastic,

Yours is the last comment before this piece was taken off the front page. And man am I glad. Next time I will think twice before animating on a topic that can completely polarize viewers. The next piece I have in mind will be much more generic and could be appreciated by all.

Thanks for your review, although I'm a little surprised that I got an 8 from you.