Reviews for "Smokin'"

sigh just bc..

ok first i loved the vid not the greatest art but who cares and the whole thing was funny as shit.
but sadly what i think is even funnier is all the rants going on (including this one) why is it that people seem to get so pissed off now, over something so simple thats only meant to be funny? why cant we just accept what someone made out of their time and appreciate it?
guys people smoke because they want to, thats why i do. u dont see me menstruating over what he did in fact I REALLY LIKED IT.
so everyone please just respect someone for what they give to us and accept their opinion.

like i said loved the vid 9/10
i hope to c more of ur stuff and less of stupid pissy people :)

vakavadesigns responds:

High five XD

Hehe... menstruating...

Glad the tirades entertain you.

I don't get how having an opinion along with the fortitude to stand by it makes someone a wimp. Now if I had decided beforehand not to animate this song because it might tick some individuals off, I'd be the wimpest wimp. And it's always funny how a lot of smokers support this animation, it shows they're tough as nails and can shrug off some jokery...

And the two worst comments have been from alleged non-smokers... Who are very fragile beings indeed.

reasons to not go dancing

high volume of music, cigarrete smell that sticks in your cloth, idiots drinking alcohol, lame techno/modern thing "music"


nice dude

this is so true

half the smokers i know arent addicted or like smoking, they just do it to look cool. I even have a friend who smoke the non-nicotine e-cig around friends haha

Oi Mr. DICKop.

My cousin has tuberculosis. Cigarette smoke in her general area hinders her ability to breathe. Is she a wimp for crying when she's suffocating because some a-hole is puffing away? Any person with any type of lung condition has their ability to breathe stunted by nearby smoke/smokers. I myself have sensitive lungs, so any type of smoke near me makes it harder to breathe. I don't appreciate having to hack my brains out because an inconsiderate idiot has to smoke outside the restaurant, mall, or other public place I'm going to. Smoking should be done on private property, where only unfortunate loved ones can be affected by second hand smoke. Not in public where it can harm other people. As for smokers themselves, they can enjoy wasting their money and health on their addiction.

Anyway, as for the flash, the animation was so-so, but the message was good and the song was kinda catchy. Good effort.

vakavadesigns responds:

Leave the guy alone, his stick figures can only be rivaled by the art of Michelangelo... BWHAHAHA

But seriously, thanks for the review! It's great when people see the point behind the whole piece.