Reviews for "Smokin'"


you should have got that fan and chut his head off

vakavadesigns responds:

Whoa!!! :O You serious?!

Love the song

I support choosing the way you want to die :3

I personally don't like when people blow the smoke RIGHT in someone's face,
but in a bar? You're probably beating the shit out of your liver anyway xD what's a little rat-poison in the air?

:P and in open areas, where you're free to move away from it, that's fine.

But yeah D: restaurants don't make sense, because how can you eat food with a cig hanging out of your mouth? Must take skill, huh? But it's still rude >:(
So I agree with banning it in restaurants.

:D I gave you a 9 for the humor, how well the song fit and how well you animated. Using a crocodile was a great idea :3

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for the review, Katzy! :D

I like this.

This reminds me of those really classic flash animations. It has that good ol' feel to it.

Oh and i'm a smoker.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for the honest score, I respect that :]

second hand smoke?

you don't like smoke gtfo!
srsly pisses me off when someone tells me not to
you might get stabbed

catchy tunes catchy attitude. You'll make brainless non-smoker zombies out of ng fans. Yet you do it with style.

vakavadesigns responds:

Haha, I don't know whether to feel honored or insulted, so I'll feel a bit of both. Thanks for the review... although I don't think this animation changes anyone's minds, it just polarizes everyone... :-/


I'm going to do something I have never done before, which is to write a review of a review.

I'm talking about "Thetriggers" little rant. Because I'm actually astonished of how ignorant and short sighted this person is.

The worst part is the fallacy of his logic: he argues that there are bigger issues in the world than second hand smoking - but who's the one getting so extremly upset by this little humoristic cartoon, that he feel obliged to create an account here on Newgrounds just so he can talk down on it?

Of course there are worse things in the world than smoking, but does that mean we shouldn't even bother with the smaller issues? Of course not!

In addition, he writes that the beauty of being alive and free is that you can do what you want - yet he's the one attacking the authour for using he's freedom of speech.

He further tells the authour that this cartoon only make him look like a cry baby - but as "vakavadesigns" so rightfully replies: "You've proven through your little tantrum who the real cry baby is."

Smoking has been scientificly proven to be extremly unhealthy. Everybody knows this - including smokers. Therefore, no one should smoke.

But I also believe that everyone is free to do what ever they want. If some people want to sacrifice some of their health to be able to temporarily enjoy life a bit more, they are free to do so.

I give "Thetriggers" review a 0/10. Self-righteous, smug people like him makes the world a worse place - and is a lot bigger problem then smoking!

The movie I give 9/10 - for a well-made and humoristic song and good animation.