Reviews for "Smokin'"


Tho i disagree with your video i did find it rather funny, and personaly. Us smokers have it bad from where im from, we cant smoke in alot of indoor places, and the oens we can make us confined to a corner, so dont hate on us. But i can see it from your point, not everyone wants to breath tabacco dust and thats fine.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks for your fair and balanced review.

Keep in mind the song was written in the early 90s where smoking was everywhere. I do think that politicians who jump on the anti-smoking bandwagon simply for votes are weasels, and that it should be left to businesses to accommodate smokers and non-smokers. For example, I've been to terribly smoky pool halls, and to one with excellent ventilation that made the air quite clean despite the smokers present. Everyone was relatively happy there XD


Animation was good..

Now the reason I only gave you a five put into context:
I will stop abusing my Lungs and quit Cold Turkey, when people stop abusing the Guitar and Imagination.

vakavadesigns responds:

Bwahaha... sorta... umm thanks for the review anyways.

you know.

as a smoker i find this not only aggressive but also prejudice. smokers ahve become a type of people and what people are doing to them and how there treating them is not much different from how people where treated just after and for 60 years after the civil war. (you know exactly what i am referring to don't play dumb.)

Don't tread on me. if your so worried about the smoke walk around me. Let me do as i will with me. 2nd hand smoke is a crock those studies are inconclusive. im not allowed to smoke in restaurants. I had to defend myself outside recently (not physically but on a verbal level)

I am a human i have rights too.

your animation skills do need a lot of work. your artistic skills are also a little subpar you will get there im sure just keep workin at it.

vakavadesigns responds:

Okay look kid...

You are projecting your feelings of inferiority in the wrong direction. Sorry the piece offends you, but honestly, there's such a thing as free speech. On a personal level, if I ever saw you or any other smoker outside, I would NEVER criticize... Well unless they were fueling their car maybe... Please try to distinguish opinionated art from reality.

Judging by your critique, I'm assuming your art and animations are excellent. For that, congratulations.


I've got a surprise for all of you non-smokers out there.


Non-smokers die every day. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

vakavadesigns responds:

I predict I'll be struck by lightning or something equally as awesome.

Thanx for your review!


It was so so