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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

Good and all but...

I would have rated this higher bro but Rina-chan's voice made my ears bleed. As such I can't really speak highly of it, as I am presently in the emergency room at my local hospital.

Unimpressive Metroid knock off

This game is just so blah.
First off, the graphics. Good lord, they were weak. The characters have spheres for heads and the mouths just flap during the dialogue. At least try to sync those up better, they're not sock puppets for gods sake. But the design.... it's just a bunch of horrible gradients and abuse of the line tool. These are the graphics you'd expect from something back in 2006, not now in 2011.
Secondly, the controls. Not horrible, but not great either. A bit of delay sometimes, so that kinda ruins it.
Thirdly, the enemy AI. Inconsistent much? Half of the time the robots just tread back and forth on the same platform, other times they just charge right off them. If you're designing all enemies to have a pattern, KEEP IT CONSISTENT.
Now the story..... blah, it was so uninteresting. I didn't even care what was going on, there's nothing gripping about it, nothing that makes you care about it. And oh dear god the dialogue. It was painful to listen to. I'd rather have read it than have my ears berating by such drivel. And the fact that you are going to make a series? Honestly, I could care less because the story is just so not interesting.
The difficulty is another issue. The game is so ridiculously easy for the most part, and then it just gets racked up exponentially on the final boss. Mainly because of the controls not reacting fast enough and the delay causes a jump to fail due to mistiming.
But I played through the entire game so that I'd give you a fair review, and a fair review I feel this is. This game is incredibly, incredibly rough with a major amount of flaws. Now you may want to just push out some more games as fast as possible, but I say don't do it.
I think it would be better to sit on them and polish them out, instead of just pushing them out like some quick and dirty backroom delivery.
Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat small children. That is the mood this game has put me in.

Rhete responds:

Hmm, I'm not why you would be getting delay with the controls, that hasn't happened to anyone else. Are you using IE? Old computer? Try setting it to low quality? I bugs like this because they're so impossible to diagnose and fix.


-1 for easy artworks
overall GREAT GAME.
thats all there is for improvement,
no bugs found so far,

commander keen

reminds me a bit of the old commander keen games
wich were terribly hard tough, but this game has the same feel

keep it up


Z = Jump
X = Shoot

That's how it's supposed to be