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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

Have a little tact on your comments

A lot of work and love goes into making a flash game. It's disrespectful to simply insult their work. Artists put in a lot of hours working on a game and publish their work, and its easy to give nonconstructive criticism in just a few second to write only to make people lose confidence in themselves.

Flash artists aren't born good, they build their talent over the years so that you could play a good game for a few minutes.

The least you can say is why it was bad and say how you could improve it instead of saying "It was bad" or "The graphics were shit."

Rhete responds:

Thank you.


The graphics were horrible, the gameplay was good, the music you chose for the beginning has been used plenty before..... uhhhh but yeah the main problem is good ol' runkachunk.

If you watch "Street Fighter Chode" on newgrounds you might understand why this loses points.

Beauty and the Beast

I'm sorry, but this game just dosen't do it for me. In 2011, with nearly thousands of wonderful flash artists you decide to go with a style that makes the people on deviantart look ok. Really the game is ok (I played for about 10 minutes) but the graphics just turned me off.

Rhete responds:

The entire point of Beauty and the Beast was learning to look past surface appearances... not the best comparison you made there.


Thanks for finally releasing something with a little originality and personality. Don't worry about people complaining about the graphics (which worked great for this game) they're the reason why games mostly suck these days.

No complaints. Everything looked great. Please make more!

Rhete responds:

More is coming soon! :)

I dont like the way you responded to keeth33

I dont like the way you responded to keeth33's review.

Getting mad and using language like this makes me think your world Isn't much bigger than simple flash games. This here is the place to write your opinion about your game. You don't need tho read them when you can't accept that some people don't like your stuff.

I allsoe didn't like the graphics, felt kinda out of date and the drawing skills where not from the best hand. The colours where nice though, allsoe the sound.

And there where bugs, atleast in my gameplay: at certain points the jump button didn't seem to work together with the forward running. Another thing i could only shoot only to the right upper angle and not to the left one, could point, but no bullets came out.

Your game was OK, not one of the worst ones, but not one of the best ones eigter.

Just be polite to people you don't know personally and accept negative comments too.


Rhete responds:

I didn't get mad because he criticized the game, or called the graphics bad. There are plenty of other reviews doing that and I don't care, that's their opinion.

I got mad because he just casually threw out the statement that there were lots of bugs, and didn't follow up on it whatsoever, when my author comments asks that you please be as descriptive as possible and PM me when reporting bugs. I've worked for years to make the game run as smooth as possible, and yes, it hit a sore spot when someone just claims its buggy without actually doing anything to help.

As for the issue you reported, unfortunately it sounds like a key limit issue caused by certain keyboards, maybe internet explorer, where you can only have so many keys pressed at once, so when doing things with 4 buttons at once, it starts to lock up. There's nothing I can do about this sadly. If you're using the WASD control scheme, I would recommend using the arrow keys instead, they seem less prone to freaking out keyboards by pressing too many keys at once.