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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

just one thing

my only complaint about it is that i didnt have sounds on, so i played the whole game without knowing whats the story was about. maybe subtitles could be an option, dont know, just saying. but the game is pretty good, even though the graphics are "bad" like some said, it played very smooth and i didnt need to change the quality to run in my netbook. no bugs at all. and dont know why, but the begining of the game kinda reminded me of Jet Force Gemini, any relation? great work by the way

Rhete responds:

Aww, I would definitely recommend playing with sound, for all the awesome audio portal music, and all the voices too of course.

I haven't actually ever played Jet Force Gemini and know very little about it, but I do know that the final boss of it, Mizar, has the same name as my games main antagonist, so there may be a few more unintended similarities between the two.

great game but

it cant shrink the size of the screen to fit different computers

please add a pause button

like I said in the title add a pause button. and the graphics are terrible. Other than that this is a good game. Very Metroid like

Rhete responds:

Press space to pause!

its a good game

its good game if you`re in to space people saving the world

Wow, just wow.

I saw the art, and first thing I thought was "wow, this is going to blow." Boy was I wrong. Great gameplay, understandable story, fitting music, excellent voice acting(even from Rina, who, no offense to ya hun, has gotten pretty bland lately.) But the best thing about this game is the boss fights. It harkens back to the days of Megaman when there was a specific strategy to beating bosses, and if you didn't follow the strategy, you'd die. Perfect mixture of old and new, and all I could recommend for you is to work on your art a bit. The bright colors make for recognizable characters, but it may be just a bit *too* bright. The cutscenes are PERFECT. Do NOT change those at all. Overall, you've gained a fan. Excellent job! 5/5 9/10