Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


SO HOLY ADDCTING,I LOVED THIS GAME :D Really,very good concept of figthing,10 of 10

My luck is epic.

I Died at the stickman... not kidding... right in the beginning
i hit him exactly twice...
He raped my hp.

Anyways i wont be unfair to the game just because my luck sucks D:

What? A game you're actually able to LOSE on NG?!

Wow, incredible! The game actually relies on chance rather than "oh you have infinite lives and attempts but still get to say you've accomplished something at the end".

Good stuff, though the spell types are a tad broken.. Heal and power make a great combo, but the time rerolls were just useless when you could, for the same price, tack on +2 to your roll and be guaranteed something decent against them. plus it broke every stalemate roll.

Finishing HP: 47.

Also, to all the griefers in the review box.. go back to Minecraft, you pussies.

*hits random rating*


I was lucky and won, first try, so hey, why shouldn't you be too? :D

But seriously though, one does technically have pretty good winning odds when playing this. And even though the last boss DID get a lot of 5's and 6's, I trust you when you say it's random.

Last boss on 3 health!

I was beaten by the last boss. He had 3 health and I had 1 when I died!