Reviews for "Puzzling War"

decent game

very fun. Much more unique than other match-3 games. The idea of having to match em to send out people to fight is pretty interesting. Difficulty balancing was a little odd (Dolba fortress too hard, some too easy). The shop items seemed pretty useless to me, I bought them a few times but they never helped, or were even a hinderance. Better money rewards on the last levels would also be nice.
Graphics and music were good. Overall, a pretty fun and somewhat original game.


it was a pretty good game


I liked it=)
I beated the game and it's simple what you need to do but, except for the life potion, the upgrades only got in the way.

specially that dawn shield¬¬

Excellent but unbalanced

Love the concept, love the visual style.

The gameplay needs to be tweaked, however. As it stands, this game is about nothing more than getting lucky. Combos from falling tiles rack up so much faster than the tiles swap manually, that it is impossible to win by sending one unit at a time, however strong. Being able to swap tiles while others are falling might fix this.

great puzzle...adventure?

This game was great i wouldn't expect more from a flash game but i just hated the fact that when i upgraded my guys the enemy got the upgrades as well.

The stuff you buy in the shop only lasted one game this would be ok if it was not so expensive.

I like how you can see the fight at the top of the game that was very clever.

The blue and silver people just seem to blur together once you have upgraded them.

4/5 9/10 great game.