Reviews for "Puzzling War"


Even though the game wasn´t perfect, it was very hard to stop playing. I had some trouble seeing the difference between the characters when matching them, especially when they´re not upgraded. I had absolutely no use of the stuff you could by, so my tip is to put all money in upgrading the characters.
I never had time to see the animations, but my 4-year old boy enjoyed it and gave me time to play.

not bad

maybe way to easy :)

Quite enjoyable, but there's room for improvement.

The game is easy to understand and play, fairly addictive once you get the momentum going. In my opinion, this game is actually very easy to play if you are used to playing such match-3 puzzle games, but it can be quite challenging to those who are not as such and it can be hard for them to beat the later stages. Also, the game is too short for most of the level three upgrades to be worthwhile, so i suggest either making more levels or lowering the unit upgrade prices. What I suggest to add in to this game if you're planning on a sequel would be to:

- optional difficulty settings at the start
- improving on the graphics of the soldiers
- modifying the tile replacement speed (It's more significantly slower to clear a vertical line than a horizontal line)
- perhaps adding a casual mode where the player can play on infinitely until he is overwhelmed by the enemy

But overall, I gave this game an 8 because it's fun to play. Great Job and I hope my review has been constructive. :D

excellent game...

i am a HUGE bejeweled and puzzle quest fan, so this was right up my alley. however, i agree with some of the other reviews that the characters are sometimes hard to tell apart and the computer moves too fast at about halfway... i also didnt even notice there was an upgrade shop until i got my ass handed to me in like 3 seconds by the computer and got stunned a lot. overall the concept is there and i like that you can upgrade your units but i think that the game could be simplified by adding MORE items like multiplier boost, or making certain units drop more frequently. then get rid of the upgraded units alltogether and that way you can only achieve higher ranked units by getting more matched and higher multipliers

Not Bad But...

This game reminds me a lot of Puzzle Quest, but with 8-bit graphic characters. This game is VERY addictive, but it has some minor flaws:

1. Having the characters only have 3 levels when upgrading.

2. There seems to be a bug still in the game. If you make a match at the last second of a game, it will automatically dispatch that character on the next stage.

3. Randomizing the board after each game would be extremely helpful, as I got frustrated when the CPU would get combos a second into the next round.