Reviews for "Puzzling War"

Great Game Overall

Cute graphics, a new spin on the "match three" type of games, while still maintaining a challenge.


Indeed they make the Archer stronger

nice game

Great mix between a puzzle and strategy game, but its kinds too easy. Also, i got the 10- combo in game but no NG medal. i guess ill try it for another 5 hours :P

Nice Strategy Game!

It focuses a lot on timing and analysis at the same time, and I like that. Keep up the good work. The music and graphics sort of make me think I'm playing an SNES game!
Nostalgia's kewl, btw.

Great game! Reminds me of Kirby avalanche (or ghost trap). Tetris-theme battle is nice and everything else bundled in just made it better, mainly, the combat above and upgrade mechanics.

The main fun from the game is those pesky combos that aren't anticipated (they can't be since the pieces are off the board). I just got a 6-combo on my first play, on the first level out of pure luck.

Anyone claiming this game is boring just don't like the theme. It's not boring. Otherwise 99% of all strategy games, both video and board, are boring.