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Reviews for "Puzzling War"

Great game with plenty of fun.

the reason i like this game so much is because of the little battle thats going on above you while your doing the puzzles its really cool. nicely done.

I like the concept

i dont like how i have to wait for the things to fall before i can use another, since i lag its a much longer time than most other people...

and i think its just to easy you know. eventually i just stopped adding people because i had so many people up there i would win by doing nothing...

but like i said apart from being to easy i think its a great game... good job


This game is ACE! AI is awesome and the difficulty gets hard at the right time. Keep it up!

okkkk so i thought it would suck, when i saw it bu

10 stars man thats a really good game congrats


the simple fact that this game is like bejeweled its great but combined with battle its ultra super wooper (wtf burger king?) imposibi great