Reviews for "Puzzling War"


It's a good game. And if you don't want to reset much use no shop. it make's it easy to play. But after al nice done!

pretty good

nothing breathtaking but still was a good diversion


like an idiot...i was randomly changing and switching things...and things atarded to jupm across the board...and empty slots were open and weird things happens,.....WTF
other then that...not very original...

Too easy...

I thought that every level was too easy, almost a bit boring, even the level that most people complain about wasn't that challenging. The items were useless, they really weren't worth the money.

I wish I could have enjoyed more of the animation on the top, but I was too concentrated on the puzzle itself. Maybe making the puzzle a bit smaller so the animation can bring out the entire game at the player's vision.

Besides that, it was addicting and fun. Hope you make a sequel or such =P

Fun game

But short, and a bit too pointless. For waht it was though, it was greatly amusing and the pixel theme was perfect for my need for nostalgia.