Reviews for "Puzzling War"

Meh, not my kinda game

It's basically like bejeweled blitz with little anime characters. not much originality.

Isn't it illegal to steal sprites from Rmvx?

You're obviously profiting off of sprites used in a specific engine ... I don't see any credits anywhere either. Rpg maker vx rtp.


It was a fun game. The enemys leveled up WAY too quickly and it seemed like some of the earlier lvls were harder then some of the later lvls. The shop items are too week.


I like it, I thought the graphics were ok the combat animation could stand some improvements. My complaint is that it's too much puzzle and not enough strategy, you have all these different classes but it doesn't matter because the player is going to send out the first match he sees anyway, the classes are also all the same some are just more powerfull versions of the other, not really too many pros or cons of sending one class out before another. That said still not bad for a flash game.

Can't stand it...

My eyes have a really hard time distinguishing between the pieces... really cluttered looking.