Reviews for "Puzzling War"

borry game

i like not this game

Badly designed

-Stolen sprites

-Monotonous music

-Money/Upgrade ratio is imbalanced

-The different characters all basically do the same thing; no real strategy

-It's a clone of bejeweled

-Every level is extremely easy except for the last level which is extremely difficult

-Controls feel unresponsive, lags constantly throughout gameplay

-All the text in this game is ridiculously poor in grammar and spelling

-No reward whatsoever for beating it

-Every level is basically the same

Theres a reason puzzles use simple sprites.

Its freaking impossible to tell the darn sprites apart from the distance. Especially as you level them each one adds more and more gray to the mix until the entire thing is a gray blob. This was ESPECIALLY bad with blue and silver which end up as two completely gray blocks at level 3. A simple tint on them could have fixed this.

Also its boring.


I didn't enjoy it...the gameplay wasn't smooth enough and I kind of wanted to rip my hair out while I was playing it ;/