Reviews for "Artist's guide to the Gun"

Very nice

T'was a very informative and helpful tutorial. It was also funnily written and you included a lot of things many people wouldn't think about such as gun jams, recoil and animation organization.
My only complaint is that you seemed to have cut the drawing part short somewhat by just saying "Practice". There are quite a few smaller things and tricks there are such as the various ways of shading, using textures for complicated patterns (such as the grip of many handguns), etc.
Overall though, this was a very nice tutorial, and the artwork was pretty good.

StealthBeast responds:

You're absolutely right. I totally did skimp out on the more complex parts. I did so for two reasons:

1: It's VERY hard to explain these things. For example, the checkering of a 1911 grip can be addressed with some clever linear gradient fills... But the color wheel varies WILDLY across each of the versions of flash, meaning I would have to explain the extremely complicated technique in 4 or 5 different ways. The purpose of my tutorial was to stay as stupid-simple as possible, which is why I ommitted coloring and texturing explanations completely.

2: Even I don't know how to do some of this lol. For example, I SUCK as emulating wood in vector-based software. If I don't feel like I'm an expert at it, I won't teach it.

But that's just me desperately trying to justify myself. You're absolutely right. I should have included that.

Still, glad I got your 10/10. =P

Very cool

and informative. 10'd

StealthBeast responds:

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Mythbusters likes tiny explosions

i was kinda shocked that i actually already knew at least 75% of this. despite being an artist, despite not being crazy about guns and violence, despite being in possession of a female reproductive tract.

EAT IT, male-dominated society! >=D

StealthBeast responds:

PSH. Know that this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

I, an individual in possession of a male reproductive system, went easy on you.

On a serious note, thanks for your 10.

I liked it.

Does what it's meant to do. The only other thing I coulda hoped for was a list of interesting guns to Google and maybe a picture or drawing of it.

StealthBeast responds:

Here's some widely recognized, famous/historical guns you could find a plethora of information on Google about:

Glock 17
M1911A1 (My favorite practical handgun)
M9 Beretta
SIG P220
.50AE Desert Eagle (My favorite impractical handgun)

-Sub Machine-guns:
Scorpion VZ 61

-Assault Rifles:
Steyr AUG Bullpup
FAMAS Bullpup

-Long-ranged rifles:
M1 Garand
Mauser 98
Barrett M82
A civilian AR15

-Common machine guns:

That's just a nothing-special list of guns I picked off the top of my head. If you're an FPS player, you probably recognize half of these guns.


So, I knew alot about guns though as a newb to flash art didn't know much about making them so thanks. Anyway, what program do you use just out of curiosity.

StealthBeast responds:

I use Flash, and almost exclusively Flash.

Sometimes I use Photoshop for some pixel-based materials.

Eeeevery once in a blue moon I'll pull out some sort of odd software like Illustrator and Audacity.