Reviews for "Artist's guide to the Gun"

nicely done

the funny thing is. im doing the concept art for a flash im working on right now. the main character is holding a crudely drawn gun, as ive little knowledge of gun mechanics to begin with. Then magically, theres a new flash in the portal titled "The Artist's Guide To The Gun". lol. perfect timing. youve given me the confidence to go back and work on the concept art, and maybe add a few suprises to the gun. This guide was very indept and easy to follow. Thanks alot for this! i owe ya.

StealthBeast responds:

Hm... "youve given me the confidence to ... add a few suprises to the gun."

You know what, that gets me thinking though. Might not have been a bad idea if I created an "accessories" section, teaching people how to trick out their guns with lasers, suppressors, handgrips, and the like.

I'd love to see your flash. If you feel so inclined, PM it me the link when it gets completed.


this is a really great tutorial you got right to the point and looked great while doing it I'd love to see this in action ^^

StealthBeast responds:

Getting right to the point was indeed the point, and I'm glad you appreciate that.

Very useful

Very useful, perfect for people like me who don't know much about guns and can use a few facts.

StealthBeast responds:

Aw why the barely passing grade then? =(


I'm not an animator, nor am I all that into guns, but I can definitely appreciate this flash and I think that you've done a great job with it. I really hope that people who make flash games and animations will refer to it- there's some otherwise good flash that gets sloppy with some of the topics covered here.

In particular, I loved the step-by-step timelapse of tracing the pistol. It was a good way to illustrate just how it's done, using the technique that you showed just before it.

All that said, I would've liked to see some animations regarding the recoil and the muzzle flash, but I know that would've been extra work and file size and it's not at all necessary. And any points that might have been knocked off for that are restored simply due to the lettering on the barrel of the Desert Eagle.

So, a well-deserved 10.

...Badassia, that still makes me snicker.

StealthBeast responds:

There WERE animations regarding the recoil and the muzzle flash, under Misc design. In fact, I showed how to make 2 different types of muzzle flashes, and used 6 different animations to demonstrate how to properly animate recoil, so I probably deserve an 11 in your eyes don't I =P.

And LOL I was wondering when someone would notice the printing on the Desert Eagle.

You get an E-Cookie for the day Mr.


idk what this is for but it looks really cool.

StealthBeast responds:

Um lol.

Well, it's for flash artists and.. thanks for the 10.