Reviews for "Artist's guide to the Gun"


you simply trace them? what if you want to draw them from a different angle?
it's a good tutorial, but I think tracing is always a bad idea because you hardly learn anything from it and you want to be able to draw yourself some day, don't ya?

StealthBeast responds:

Unfortunately, drawing guns works exactly like drawing people, or drawing cars, or drawing any other standardized yet individually unique object... It requires years of training. There aren't any magical words that I can say to get someone to understand how to draw a gun free-hand.

Tracing however, I CAN explain, to give a base to basic gun knowledge. From there, if you want to get REALLY creative and design weaponry (as I'm capable of doing), you really need to just practice practice practice. There isn't a word I can say that will speed that up process up.

Very impressive

By far one of the best tutorials I have seen in a long time. And as Lycanlizard mentioned earlier I too am making a flash with guns because we are both collaberating it. Very good job 10/10.

StealthBeast responds:

Is that so? Awesome, I hope you and Lycanlizard make something great. Be sure to pm me the link when you finish, I'd love to see it.

Cool, Never Knew

I see some popular games with those recoil errors, this should have it own website, so peeps can see it more and dont become a fool by making there gun fly around instead of the gun forcing half the body to move back, also the only disapointment is that this should come with a page full of art for peeps to look at

StealthBeast responds:

A page full of art?

Well.. There were highly detailed backgrounds of guns.

Any way, glad you liked it.


It's kind of lucky I found this, I was about to make a movie with a gun involved and my plan on the artwork was to just wing it. The thing I especially liked about this tutorial was that you didn't set rigid guidelines and even set examples of variations. Good work.

StealthBeast responds:

Coolness. Shoot me a PM when you complete your movie, I'd like to see it.

Loved It.

The one thing I would add is a bit more detail in the drawing section. (Common features people leave out or draw incorrectly, how you chose your colors, etc.)

Other than that, great; I'm going to grab a gun off of Google and draw it right now.

StealthBeast responds:

Trace away!

Yeah, I wanted to have a part about coloring, specifically using linear and radial fills to create depth and sexyness... But the color mixer varies so much from each version of flash, and most of the coloring is self-explanatory anyway, I decided to leave it out.

Glad you loved it.