Reviews for "Artist's guide to the Gun"


Not only do you know your stuff about guns and animation, you presented it in a clean, orderly fashion that makes even someone who doesn't understand animation at all such as myself get it...to a degree. I couldn't even do that stuff with paint though....

Anyway, the most clenching thing is that our not just doing this for reviews, and not just doing this to get famous or points; this is obviously done to HELP people in their animations. Your attitude is the quencher.

10/10, 5/5, the world needs more people willing to help others without asking anything in return.

StealthBeast responds:

I mainly want to help others, to be appreciated, and for constructive feedback... but I must correct you, I'm anything but humble, I don't mind tooting my own horn, and I sure as hell want reviews, and points =P. The problem is, most other gun tutorials I've seen are either inexperienced with either guns, or animation, and thus either create an amazing animation that gets its guns wrong or an amazing gun explanation, limited in demonstration due to a severe lack of artistic talent. I happen to have both skills. So how do I take this skill and get lots of reviews and points? Cut the bullshit and make a good flash. I normally cringe at the thought of using CoD4 to explain a weapon, or the word "clip", but I did in order to make my point clear, and because of that, ACTUAL artists (i.e. geeks who play alot of shooter games but DON'T sit down and study ballistic charts) understand it.

Like all decent artists, I used to be a miserably confused beginner, and I know what it's like to see people do amazing work as if it were the easiest thing in the world... The trick to making a good tutorial is to look at what you've said, imagine yourself as that confused noob again, and think "How might this confuse me? What questions might I ask?" and if it either confuses me, or leaves unanswered questions, I tweak it or scrap it entirely.

At any rate, i've spent WAY too much time answering this review, and I think I've reaffirmed my point that I'm anything but humble =P.

Mega-glad you liked the tutorial, thank you for your kind words.

Some pretty good pointers.

'nuff said.

StealthBeast responds:

Actually, not enough said. Why did you give me a 9/10 instead of a 10/10 if you have no complaints?

Then again, I guess I just can't win em all, and 9 is great anyway.

Glad you liked it.

really awesome!

I learned somethings here

question: does it hurt when a desert eagle ejects on ur forehead? XD i'm srs

StealthBeast responds:

Well it sure is startling the first time it happens, because you think you've been hit with ricochet, or had a malfunction, but no, it's not actually painful.

Sometimes it leaves a little carbon mark on your head u gotta wipe off, and if u don't, u walk out and people snicker at you. Such humiliation could be described as painful =P

Glad you liked the animation.


I saw one mistake though.... the 1911 is not in MW2 but is in BC2

StealthBeast responds:

Wait... it isn't? How lame!

I guess that's why I got the 9 instead of the 10 then huh?

Anyway, glad you enjoyed.

Great Guns

I really enjoyed your tutorial. It's not just good as a flash animator, but also as a writer. Thanks for the info!

StealthBeast responds:

Oh really? Well, coolness. Glad to hear you got something out of it.