Reviews for "Artist's guide to the Gun"


This tutorial is the best I've seen so far, for realistic guns. Very no-nonsense and easy to understand.

I'm not doing any guns at the moment, but I will totally remember you if/when I need this knowledge. Thanks!

StealthBeast responds:

That's just about what I was shooting for. Glad you liked it.

this is...

...The best gun related tutorial i have ever seen. Bravo StealthBeast, Bravo ;D

StealthBeast responds:

Well, thanks very much.

Glad you liked it.


thank you for pulling this together i needed to know what gun has one capacity and i plan to use that information when i try pulling together a game

StealthBeast responds:

A single capacity gun?

Derringers, single-shot shotguns, single-shot rifles, just about any flintlock gun and most other muzzle-loading rifles, shotguns, and single-shot pistols.

If I could make a specific recommendation: I'd love to see a Contender G2 implemented into a flash.


but i think we were going to make the weapons and u put thhat if its worgn or not make one like that it will be awesome and when u make the game please tell me

StealthBeast responds:


He PMd me, "Sorry for not putting puntuation(:.,) its because iam mexican, what i was tryng to said its:

That you should make a game that we can make the guns and fire them u know fire is to boom, well that is what i was tryng to said."

My reply:


A game where you fire the guns to comprehend them better. I understand what you're saying.

That's actually been done before.

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /526770

Not a bad idea though.

Awesome tutorial!!

It was hilarious and very well made. It explained a lot, but kept me interested, you're really funny! keep up the good work!

StealthBeast responds:

Thanks for your kind words, glad you liked it!